An Online Course To Help You
Earn Monthly Rental Income

Designed For People With Low Capital and Little Knowledge

The Employee to Millionaire Real Estate Investor Course

Finance Deals • Earn Steady Rental Income • Grow Your Property Portfolio

An Online Course To Help You
Earn Monthly Rental Income

Designed For People With Low Capital and Little Knowledge

The Employee to Millionaire Real Estate Investor Course

Finance Deals • Earn Steady Rental Income • Grow Your Property Portfolio

Do You Really Believe You Can't Access Real Estate Investing Because You Don't Have Enough Capital and Good Credit?

  • You think real estate investing is reserved for the rich and wealth only
  • You cost of living exceeds your income, so you keep on accruing debt to finance your living expenses
  • Don't have capital for the down payment to purchase a property

If so, this course will help you finance, own, and manage
rental properties that pay you monthly passive income.

How to Earn Monthly Passive Income &
Build Wealth with Rental Properties

Become In Control Of Your Personal Finances

Improve your credit score and financing eligibility to attract the necessary capital to fund your investments

Learn The 10-Step Property Investment Blueprint

Proven, award-winning, system that will take you by the hand and mentor you becoming a real estate investor

Earn Passive Income From Cash Flowing Rental Properties

Finance, own, rent, and manage rental properties that will pay you new streams of income and grow your wealth

Meet Your Guide

H.J. Chammas, CEO

Few people know how to help employees (and self employed) fix their finances and achieve financial independence like H.J. Chammas. As an award-winning best-selling author and CEO of Employee Millionaire, Chammas has helped over 30,000 individuals turn around their financial lives from accruing debt to finance their living expenses to having excess income and building generational wealth. In this course, he’ll help you become a seasoned real estate investor by following a clear blueprint. Chammas has invested and worked with students from all over the globe. Now, he’s ready to teach you.
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The Employee Millionaire Course Modules...
 Module #1 ($150 Value)
 Understand Your Personal Finances
 Module #2 ($100 Value)
 Why Am You There?
 Module #3 ($150 Value)
 Limiting Beliefs
 Module #4 ($70 Value)
 Where Do You Want To Be?
 Module #5 ($120 Value)
 Build Your Team
 Module #6 ($120 Value)
 Get Prequalified for a Loan
 Module #7 ($130 Value)
 Prospect for Discounted Properties
 Module #8 ($120 Value)
 Analyse Rental Properties
 Module #9 ($180 Value)
 Negotiate and Submit Offers
 Module #10 ($100 Value)
 Perform Due Diligence and Commit
 Module #11 ($140 Value)
 Finance Your Rental Properties
 Module #12 ($80 Value)
 Transfer the Title
 Module #13 ($140 Value)
 Rent Your Property
 Module #14 ($125 Value)
 Manage Your Property
 Module #15 ($150 Value)
 The Virtuous Cycle of Building Wealth through Rental Properties
Bonus #1 (Value $127)
Templates & Worksheets
Bonus #2 (Value $350)
Free  Strategy Session With H.J. Chammas

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What World-Renowned Thought Leaders Are Saying About H.J. Chammas?
“The Employee Millionaire is an A to Z guide on how to acquire a portfolio of rental properties that will build wealth with every month that passes."
- Richard Duncan
Author, Economist
“I wish I had access to his learning when I was starting out in my journey."

- Nandu Nandkishore
Fortune 100 CEO. Keynote Speaker.
"To help you obtain financial freedom while reducing risk, read The Employee Millionaire."

- Brenda Bence -
Award-Winning Author and Top 10 Executive Coach Worldwide  

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Here's What The World’s Toughest Critics Think About Chammas' Books...

“A blueprint on how to transform rental property into a profitable business. It is for anyone who wants to find the right path to success in real estate."
"For those interested in investing in rental properties, this expertly written book offers the necessary guidance and support."
“Excellent content that includes the financial 'ins and outs' of acquiring rental properties. An intelligent message of hope couched in helpful advice."

Choose The Program That Best Fits You
From The Employee to Millionaire!

Struggling With Your Personal Finances & Want A Tailor Fit Rat Race Exit Plan?

The 4 Pillars of Wealth is your ticket to radical personal finance and your blueprint for a solid wealth building plan.
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New To Real Estate Investing & Want To Learn How To Own Rental Properties?

We've got you covered. Our Employee to Millionaire Video Course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to get started.
Need 1-1 Coaching on Personal Finances to Improve Your Creditworthiness to Finance Your Real Estate Deals?
H.J. Chammas will coach you on his Real Estate Coaching Model. He will work with you on the deals that will pay you residual income.
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